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About The S.T.A.R. Community

We created the S.T.A.R. Resources Community to bring you together with passionate people, ready for something new, longing for something more, and willing to be a part of something greater. This community is built of a diverse group of lifelong learners who are here to explore different ideas, behaviors, tools, and topics in a supportive environment so that we can tap into something larger than ourselves. 

This community is built of a diverse group of individuals who are in different phases, stages, and places in life and career. 

We are business owners, professionals, non-profit leaders, employees, community leaders, and retirees. We come from all industries and backgrounds. 

We are single, married, widowed, divorced. We have raised families, buried loved ones, and lived through all points in between. We are experienced at life and just starting out. 

We are seekers of knowledge, wisdom, and experiences that will help us to successfully overcome life's challenges and in so doing better serve the common good. 

Together we will talk through real-life obstacles and walk through realistic solutions that will allow us to realize our goals and live our lives to the fullest. Whether those goals are built around personal growth and individual achievement, or team and corporate culture-focused, this community will help you access the tools you need to succeed.

Why This Community

A few things you’ll see quickly that make this community different:

It’s specially crafted for you: We are building this community together. Alongside you, we’ll tailor the community to what it needs… to what you need. You’ll see great features to give feedback, allowing you the power to shape our exclusive content. The more you participate in deep conversations, click your pick on a poll, and join our online (and eventual in-real-life) events, the more relevant the content will be to you, the more you’ll get out of the community, and the more it will become your own.

It’s a tool to connect to who you want to: While all communities are comprised of individual souls and stories, we built the foundation of our community here so you could filter, find, and connect with the people you’re looking for. Search by those who are near you, fall into the same categories, or who care about the same topics you do to experience the full value of what we have to offer.

It’s your first step to a forever change: Substantial shifts in your every day don’t happen overnight. They happen with practice. They happen with time. And most importantly, they happen with peer support. Come as you are today. Bring your baggage, bring your frustrations, and bring all the hope you can hold. More awaits you. More connections, more support, and more potential to tap into.

What To Expect

We're aiming to make your experience here awesome, memorable, and lasting. Here are the three key things we want you to get from the S.T.A.R. Resources Community:

 👋 Relationships 👋 From mentorships to friendships, we help you find your fit in our community of light-seekers and dream chasers.

✨ Inspiration ✨ With thought-provoking conversations and expert perspectives pouring in each and every day, you will be encouraged and motivated by our community.

🌟 Tools 🌟 Whether you want to work on your life skills, professional development, or personal relationships, our exclusive content and conversations are here to fuel you in your journey to greatness.